Thursday, August 11, 2022

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About Us:
The majority of BEK Gaming Community is 25+ years old. We all have jobs and lives and realize that some people are busy from time to time. It is because of this we do not have a strict attendance policy provided you do show up occasionally. We do not use ranks as we consider every member of BEK equal. We do our best to allow everyone to play the role they want (within reason). We enjoy friendly coop and take new and experienced players alike. We accept all ages provided members are friendly and mature. We also accept all nationalities (but do understand we all speak English). We are currently rebuilding our core group and guarantee every member a say in how the group progresses.  We are all just here to have a good time.
Why join BEK?
If you are looking for a unit where you aren't just a cog, this is your place. We legitimately take care to ensure all members have a good time. We want your feedback and we want you to be involved with the mission making and leadership process (if you want to be). If you are new to mods, we will help you get setup and familiar with the modding process. If you want to lead a fire team, we guarantee you will get that opportunity.
If any of this sounds good to you please sign up.

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